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The title of the present book indicates the mutual relationships of sociology with other existing entities. As the time passes by, new inventions appear, new problems and pains emerge, new solutions are needed, new studies are required to be introduced and made accessible. All such changes need to be studied, and the means of which is known as "sociology". Health and safety projects are highly required to be followed. The present changing world needs constant sociological investigations in the form of planned projects. Industrial societies could make better societies and more prosperous quality of life in the light of sociological researches in those societies. Insurance in various areas gave longer life to different age groups. People aging in different ranges need their own supervision, therapies etc. In modern time, each age group expects to live better, and with better standards. Response to such expectations need sociological appraisals. People today in every part of the world are facing disorders which never appeared before. Memory disorders are the new events which appear due to increasing aging all over the world. Sociological studies on rural-urban balance is a necessity to be kept in mind by the planners, and if not, more tensions would appear. 

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